Casa Flamingo

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Book Cover


Welcome to the Funkiest State in America!

Tennessee is a fun and funky state to explore. From the mountainous east to the delta plains of the Mississippi River in the west, the variety of natural and man-made wonders and attractions the state has to offer is awesome.

Once you drive across the back roads of this long and narrow state, you’ll never think of it in the same way. Southern hospitality is more than a myth in Tennessee.

The author has taken you off the interstates and onto the side roads, where the unique character of the state truly shines through. Along the way, you’ll meet whittlers and collectors. You’ll meet ladies with hair higher than a church steeple and a hip guy who gives tours from a pink Cadillac. You will attend Sunday services at a Cowboy Church that passes a Stetson hat instead of a plate, and you’ll visit a monument to Patsy Cline erected on the spot where she lost her life in a plane crash.

By the time you finish your journey, you will have floated on a lake 300 feet below ground, you will have played miniature golf on the side of a mountain, cruised on a lake created by the strongest earthquake on record, and eaten the world’s sweetest-tasting, vilest smelling vegetable.

Also featured throughout are top notch bed and breakfast inns, great eateries, art galleries, museums, arts and wine festivals, local food fairs, barbeque cookoffs and commodity festivals.

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