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Sunday, May 27, 2018

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Adventure City (CA), 9

The AdventureDome (NV), 141

Adventure Landing Shipwreck Island, (PI), 54

Adventureland (IA), 102

Adventureland (NY), 167

All Fun Recreation Park (BC), 293

Alpine Amusement Park (GA), 78

American Adventures (GA), 78

Anaheim Boomers (CA), 10

Armadillo Beach (TX), 263

Arnolds Park (IA), 104

Astroland Amusement Park (NY), 168

Atlantic Playland (NS), 297

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Balboa Fun Zone (CA), 10

The Baltimore Zoo (MD), 116

Bay Beach Amusement Park (WI), 285

The Beach (OH), 195

Beech Bend Raceway Park (KY), 106

Bell’s Amusement Park (OK), 211

Belmont Park (CA), 10

Big Chief Kart & Coaster World (WI), 286

BigKahuna’s Waterpark (FL), 54

Blackberry Historical Farm (IL), 88

Bonfante Gardens Theme Park (CA), 11

Boomers & Dania Beach Hurricane (FL), 55

Bowcraft Amusement Park (NJ), 156

Bucktail Family Fun Park (PA), 217

Broadway at the Beach (SC), 241

Buffalo Bill’s (NV), 142

Burnaby Village Museum (BC), 294

Burns Park Funland (AR), 7

Busch Gardens (FL), 55

Busch Gardens, The Old Country (VA), 274

Bushkill Park (PA), 21

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Calaway Park (AB), 290

Camden Park (WV), 284

Camelbeach Waterpark (PA), 219

Camp Snoopy (MN), 127

Canobie Lake Park (NH), 146

Carousel Gardens (LA), 111

Carousel Village at Indian Walk (PA), 219

Casino Pier and Waterworks (NJ), 150

Castle Amusement Park (CA), 12

Castles & Coasters (AZ), 5

Cedar Point Amusement Park & Resort (OH), 196

Celebration City, (MO), 133

Centerville (ONT), 299

Chippewa Park (ONT), 300

Circle M Corral Family Fun Park (WI), 28

Clark’s Trading Post (NH), 148

Clementon Amusement Park (NJ), 157

Cliff’s Amusement Park (NM), 16

Columbian Park (IN), 95

Como Park Amusement Park (MN), 129

Coney Island (OH), 199

Conneaut Lake Park (PA), 220

Crossroads Village (MI), 125

Crystal Palace (NB), 296

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DelGrosso’s Amusement Park (PA), 221

Deno’s Wonder Wheel Park (NY), 170

The Disneyland Resort (CA), 14

Disneyland, 14

Disney’s California, 14

Downtown Disney, 14

Dixie Landin’ Blue Bayou Waterpark (LA), 111

Dolly’s Splash Country (TN), 248

Dollywood (TN), 248

Dorney Park & Wild Water Kingdom (PA), 223

Downtown Aquarium (TX), 254

Dusty’s DinoTown (BC), 294

Dutch Village (MI) 125

Dutch Wonderland (PA), 225

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Enchanted Forest and Water Safari (NY), 170

Enchanted Forest (OR), 214

Enchanted Forest (RI), 239

Enchanted Island (AZ), 6

Enchanted Village (WA), 280

Erieview Park (OH), 200

Escondido Boomers (CA), 19

Extreme World (WI), 287

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Fairyland Kiddie Park (NY), 171 (Out of Business)

Family Kingdom Amusement Park & Water Park (SC),241

Fantasy Island (NJ), 158

Flintstones Bedrock City (SD), 246

Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo (IN), 96

Fountain Valley Boomers (CA), 19

Frontier City (OK), 212

Funderland (CA), 20

Funderwoods (CA), 20

Fun Forest (WA), 281

Fun Junction (CO), 44

Funland (DE), 52

Fun-Plex (NE), 140

Fun Spot Action Park (FL), 57

Fun Spot Amusement Park & Zoo (IN), 96

Funtastic Fun (CO), 44

Fun Time USA (MS), 132

Fun Town Pier (NJ), 151

Funtown USA (ME), 114

Fun World at Flea World (FL), 57

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Galaxyland Amusement Park (AB), 291

Geyser Falls Water Theme Park (MS), 132

Ghost Town in the Sky (NC), 186

Gillian’s Island Waterpark (NJ), 152

Goldston’s Beach and Pavilion (NC), 188

Grand Prix Family Thrill Park (SC), 242

Great Escape and Splashwater Kingdom Fun Park (NY),172

Guntown Mountain (KY), 107

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H2Oasis, (AK), 4

Heritage Park (AB), 292

Heritage Square (CO), 45

Hersheypark (PA), 226

Hoffman’s Playland (NY), 173

Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari (IN), 97

Hyland Hills Water World (CO), 45

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Idlewild Park and Soak Zone (PA), 228

Indiana Beach (IN), 99

Indianapolis Zoo (IN), 101

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Jenkinson’s Beach Boardwalk & Aquarium (NJ), 152

Jolly Roger Amusement Park (MD), 117

Joyland (KS), 105

Joyland Amusement Park (TX), 254

Jubilee Park (NC), 188

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Keansburg Amusement Park (NJ), 159

Kemah Boardwalk (TX), 255

Kennywood (PA), 229

Kentucky Action Park & Jesse James Riding Stables (KY), 108

Kiddieland (IL), 89

Kiddie Park (OK), 213

Kiddie Park (TX), 256

Knight’s Action Park (IL), 90

Knoebels Amusement Resort (PA), 231

Knott’s Berry Farm (CA), 21

Knott’s Soak City U.S.A. (CA):
     Buena Park, 23
     Chula Vista, 23
     Palm Springs, 23

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Lagoon Park (UT), 271

Lake Compounce (CT), 49

Lake Lanier Island Resort (GA), 79

Lakemont Park (PA), 233

Lakeside Park (CO), 46

Lake Winnepesaukah (GA), 80

Land of Make Believe (NJ), 161

LaRonde (QC), 306

Legoland California (CA), 24

LeSourdsville Lake Amusement Park (OH), 202

Libertyland (TN), 250

Little A-Merrick-A (WI), 287

Lucy’s Amusement Park (ND), 194

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Magic Forest (NY), 174

Magic Golf/Biloxi Beach Amusement Park (MS), 133

Magic Springs and Crystal Falls (AR), 8

Marineland of Canada (ONT), 300

Martin’s Fantasy Island (NY), 174

Mega-Parc (QC), 307

Memphis Kiddie Park (OH), 203

Michigan’s Adventure (MI), 126

Midway Park (NY), 175

Miracle Strip Amusement Park (FL), 58

Morey’s Piers (NJ), 153

Motor World Your Place to Race (VA), 276

Mountain Creek (NJ), 161

Myrtle Beach Pavilion and Amusement Park (SC), 243

Myrtle Waves Water Park (SC), 244

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Nashville Shores Waterpark (TN), 252

Navy Pier, (IL), 90

Nellie Bly Park (NY), 177

New York, New York Hotel and Casino (NV), 143

Noah’s Ark (WI), 288

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Oaks Park (OR), 215

Ober Gatlinburg All Seasons Resort (TN), 252

Ocean City Pier Rides (MD), 118

Oceans of Fun (MO), 134

Old Town (FL), 59

Old Tucson Studios (AZ), 6

Ontario Place (ONT), 30

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Pacific Park (CA), 26

Palace Playland (ME), 115

Paramount Canada’s Wonderland (ONT), 302

Paramount’s Carowinds (NC), 189

Paramount’s Great America (CA), 27

Paramount’s Kings Dominion (VA), 277

Paramount’s Kings Island (OH), 204

Paul Bunyan Amusement Center (MN), 130

Pharaoh’s Lost Kingdom (CA), 28

Pioneer Park (AK), 5

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Quassy Amusement Park (CT), 51

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Rainbow Valley(PEI), 305

Raging Waters (CA):
     San Dimas, 30
     San Jose, 30

Raging Waters (UT), 272

River Fair Family Fun Park (IN), 102

Riverfront Park (WA), 283

Riverview Park & Waterworld (WI), 289

Roaring Springs Waterpark (ID), 86

Roger Williams Park(RI), 240

Rotary Storyland & Playland (CA), 31

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Sandy Lake Amusement Park (TX), 257

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (CA), 31

Santa’s Land Theme Park & Zoo (NC), 190

Santa’s Land (VT), 274

Santa’s Village (NH), 148

Santa’s Village (ONT), 303

Santa’s Village Amusement Park & Polar Dome (IL), 91

Santa’s Workshop (CO), 47

Santa’s Workshop (NY), 179

Scandia Fun Center (CA), 33

Schlitterbahn Water Park & Resort (TX), 259

Seabreeze Amusement Park (NY), 180

Sea World Adventure Park (CA), 34

Sea World Adventure Park (FL), 60

SeaWorld Adventure Park (TX), 260

Sesame Place (PA), 235

Shipwreck Island (FL), 62

Silver Dollar City (MO), 135

Silverwood Theme Park & Boulder Beach (ID), 87

Six Flags America (MD), 119

Six Flags AstroWorld (TX), 261

Six Flags Darien Lake (NY), 182

Six Flags Elitch Gardens (CO), 48

Six Flags Fiesta Texas (TX), 261

Six Flags Great Adventure (NJ), 162

Six Flags Great America (IL), 92

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor (CA), 35

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor (MO), 133

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor (NJ), 164

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor (TX), 264

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom (KY), 109

Six Flags Magic Mountain (CA), 36

Six Flags Marine World (CA), 38

Six Flags New England (MA), 123

Six Flags New Orleans (LA), 112

Six Flags Over Georgia, 81

Six Flags Over Texas, 265

Six Flags St. Louis (MO), 137

Six Flags Water World USA (CA):
     Concord, 40
     Sacramento, 40

Six Flags White Water (GA), 83

Six Flags Worlds of Adventure (OH), 207

Southern Adventures (AL), 2

South of the Border & Pedroland Park (SC), 245

Splashdown Park (EC), 295

Splash Mountain (MD), 117

Splashtown Waterpark (TX), 267

Splish Splash (NY), 183

Sport’s World (ONT), 304

Stanley Park (EC), 296

Steel Pier (NJ), 164

Story Land (NH), 149

Storybook Land (NJ), 165

Stratosphere Tower (NV), 145

Summer Waves (GA), 83

Swings ‘N’ Things (OH), 209

Sylvan Beach Amusement Park (NY), 184

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Tahoe Family Zone Amusement Park (CA), 41

Thrill-Ville USA (OR), 216

Trimper’s Rides and Amusements (MD), 121

Tuscora Park (OH), 209

Tweetsie Railroad (NC), 192

Twin Grove Park and Campground (PA), 236

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Universal Orlando Resort (FL), 63

CityWalk, 66

Islands of Adventure, 65

Universal Studios, 63

Universal Studios Hollywood (CA), 41

Upland Boomers (CA), 43

Upper Clements Amusement Park (NS), 298

Utah Fun Dome (UT), 273

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Valleyfair! (MN), 130

VisionLand Theme Park (AL), 3

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Waldameer Water World (PA), 236

Walt Disney World Resort (FL), 67
     Disney’s Animal Kingdom, 72
     Disney-MGM Studios, 69
     Downtown Disney, 73
     Epcot, 71
     The Magic Kingdom, 68

WDW Water Parks, 74

Water Country USA (VA), 279

Waterville USA (AL), 4

Waterworks (NC), 189

Weona Park (PA), 237

Western Playland (TX), 267

Wet ‘n Wild (FL), 76

Wet ‘n Wild Emerald Pointe Water Park (NC), 194

Wet ‘N’ Wild Waterworld (TX), 268

White Water (MO), 138

White Water Bay (OK), 213

Wild Adventures (GA), 84

Wild Island Family Adventure Park (NV), 146

Wild Water Water & Race Theme Park Surfside Beach (SC), 246

Wild Waters (FL), 77

Williams Grove Amusement Park & Speedway (PA), 238

Wonderland Park (TX), 269

Wonderland Pier (NJ), 155

World Water Park (AB), 292

Worlds of Fun (MO), 139

Wyandot Lake (OH), 210

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York’s Wild Kingdom Zoo and Amusement Park (ME), 116

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Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park (TX), 270


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