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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Book Cover


FOR MORE THAN ONE HUNDRED years, one of the great summer traditions has been to pack up the family and head out to an amusement park for a day of fun, thrills, and memories. While much has changed at these parkks over the past century, their basic appeal has pretty much remained the same.

Where else can you travel at speeds that would get you a ticket in the real world? Where else can you get soaked to the skin and not get yelled at by your mother? Where else can you sample such a delightful variety of food? Where else can you share that special moment when a loved one experiences a favorite ride for the first time? Yes, then as now, amusement parks provide a wonderful escape from the grind of everyday life and a basis for happy memories.

Today we are blessed with a huge variety of amusement parks, each with its own special personality and unique attractions to offer. The larger parks, such as Disneyland, Universal Studios, Cedar Point, and several Six Flags parks, are vacations unto themselves, with multi-million-dollar high-tech thrill rides, plenty of family rides, hotels and waterparks.

But the smaller parks are also special and are not to be missed. Places like Kennywood, Lakeside, and Rye Playland offer nostalgic thrills on lovingly maintained historic rides that are quite rare in today’s modern parks. Morey’s Piers and Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk still offer that classic seaside amusement park experience, while Knoebels and DelGrosso’s offer some of the best food served in any amusement park.

That’s what makes this book such a valuable resource. It gives you a chance to see what makes each park special. So whether you are heading out on a family vacation or just looking for a quick weekend getaway, take a look inside.

I have known Tim for nearly 15 years and our shared passion for amusement parks gives us a special bond. I always enjoy reading his books, as I believe he passes that passion to all of you. See you at the park!

Jim Futrell
National Amusement Park Historical Association

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