Casa Flamingo

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Casa Kitties

George Harrison, the cat, is the king of our casa. He’s majestically at our feet whether we’re at the computer or in the garden. And believe it – he is not the quiet Beatle! Meanwhile, Petula Clark, the newest member of the Casa Clan is definitely our downtown girl. She sings even more than does George Harrison. She loves the garden and will lay out there under our daylilies watching the birds at our feeder for hours! Like any kid, she rarely comes when called.

We, the residents of Casa Flamingo, appreciate good music and we value what George Harrison and Petula Clark, the musicians, contributed to the world. Our handsome little cats are our tribute to good music!

  • George Harrison, the cat

    George Harrison, the cat

  • Petula Clark, the cat

    Petula Clark, the cat