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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Book Cover


So many people helped me in so many ways putting this project together. Below is a list of those who helped, please forgive me if I left your name off. I’ll thank you personally.

For taking the time to talk with me about TP, many thanks go to: Albert Carollo, Dennis Carollo, Boby Childress, David Conedara, Tony Conway, Charlie Cox, Frank Curry, Jim Dalrymple, Danny Davis, Donna Dowless, Jimmy Drew, John Friedmann, Carol Fry, Dick Geyer, Bud Gilmore, Dan Glosser, John Graff, Dave Higginbotton, John Hobbs, Robert Johnson, Alieta Klinger, Howard Lander, Tommy Lasorda, Bobby Leonard, Bill Lordy, Bill Luther, Charley Manley, Monsignor Robert J. McCarthy, Wayne McCary, J. Bruce McKinney, George Millay, Stan Minker, Don Mooradian, Max Mosner, Don Muret, Jim Murphy, David Norton, Karen Oertley, Ray Pilszak, Christine Powell, Tom Powell, Bob Reid, Neil Regan, Don Sandefur, Paul Serff, George Smith, Richard Thomas, Thaxter Trafton, Father John Vakulskas, Ray Waddell, and Keith Wright.

The Amusement Business archives were quite valuable and I spent hours in the morgue. Thanks to Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Karen Oertley for permission to use them for research and for special permission to use the copyrighted “TP on AB” name.

The oral history project tapes recorded by Bob Reid, and supplied by Dean Justice from the archives of the Society for the Preservation of Professional Touring Entertainment History at the University of Texas, Austin were a big help. Thanks for letting me listen to them.

The (very long) videotape of the TP Appreciation Dinner, held in Denver, provided by Don Sandefur was quite valuable, but a bit boring after awhile.

Father Mac- The Carny Priest, a book about Monsignor Robert J. McCarthy, written by Tom Powell in 1996, provided a good insight into the relationship between those two legends.

The most time-consuming research, but definitely the most important and most revealing source of TP info were his nearly 1,000 “TP on AB” columns. I read every word of every column he wrote.


Special thanks to concessionaire Charlie Cox for his behind the scenes support and encouragement and his entrepreneur and business advice. I can’t begin to say how much of help he was with this project.

Thanks to my wife Kathleen, my best friend, for her advice, her proofreading, graphic, and editorial skills, as well as for her support that allowed me to spend hundreds of hours creating this work.

Also, big thanks go out to Kim Bevel who transcribed many, many hours of interviews for me, trying to spell names of unknowns and in dealing with the very colorful and often obnoxious language of the industry.

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