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Casa Flamingo

Sunday, June 24, 2018

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Table of Contents

1- Who Is Tom Powell? (Read this chapter on this site)
Everyone seems to know TP – 11

2- TP Joins AB
How he got his job and his early days at the publication – 13

3- Welcome To The Rest of Your Life!
TP goes to his first industry convention – 15

4- The AB Friendship Team
Working with best friends Howard Lander & Ray Pilszak – 17

5- The AB Doldrums
How the friendship team saved Amusement Business – 21

6- Life Begins in Bellevue
TP’s early years – from birth through college in Scranton – 25

7- Mr. Powell Goes to Washington
TP heads to DC as an accountant – 29

8- The Weekly Letter From Home
“TP on AB” – Excerpts from the column that made him famous – 33

9- The Serious Messages
Using his column to talk about serious issues – 43

10- Meeting, Loving, Losing & Winning Christine
TP’s 11-year courtship of Christine Reid – 47

11- A Series of Super Bowls
Attending the big games in the name of work – 53

12- TP Meets His Sports Heroes
Meeting Ted Williams & Stan Musial among others – 57

13- TP Coaches The Globetrotters
Signing autographs and other stories – 63

14- Even TP Can’t Win Them All (Read this chapter on this site)
When it comes to betting, don’t follow his advice – 67

15- Always Helps To Know The Bar Keep
Meet TP’s best friend, Nashville Palace owner John Hobbs – 69

16- Knowing Minnesota Fats
TP photographs and plays pool with the legend – 71

17- TP Meets The Stars
Becoming friends with Randy Travis and Willie Nelson – 73

18- TP & Buddy Lee
Star-studded adventures with the Nashville promoter – 79

19- The Airport Connection
TP met the coolest of them all in First Class – 83

20- Scotch & Water, Please
Stories of the legendary Scotch drinker – 85

21- The Duke in TP’s Life
His long friendship with Duke Smith – 91

22- The Rabbi in TP’s Life
Carnival owner Milt Kaufman always had a story – 95

23- TP Meets The Prez
Chatting with President Clinton at the White House – 97

24- The Priest in TP’s Life
Father Mac befriends the Catholic journalist – 99

25- Fun & Travels with Father Mac
TP explores Europe with the Carny Priest – 103

26- TP’s European Adventures
Getting lost at Oktoberfest and frisked in Milan – 107

27- TP’s Annual Visit To Scranton
Sharing stories with his hometown buddies – 115

28- Kisses & Hugs In Hershey
The Hersheypark red carpet is rolled out when TP visits – 119

29- TP Visits The Knoebels
Friends, food & drinks in Elysburg, Pa. – 121

30- Living As a Legend
It’s not always easy being a legend – 123

31- TP the Toastmaster
Not only does he write well, he’s a great speaker – 125

32- First & Always a Journalist
TP professes love and loyalty for his chosen profession – 129

33- Learning The Personal Side
Personal stories from industry leaders – 137

34- Hail Fellow, Well Met
TP’s friends praise him for his trustworthiness – 139

35- Always There For His Friends
Testimonials of how he has remained true to his friends – 143

36- How Suite It Is!
Views from the inside of the IAAM AB Suite – 149

37- The Tom Powell Memorial Softball Game
The games went on until the beer ran out – 153

38- TP Gets Roasted
Bad jokes and good friends were plentiful – 157

39- TP’s Health Issues: What’s Up Doc?
His battle with a heart attack, hip replacements and cancer – 161

40- TP Interviews PT Barnum
He took this one-on-one talk for granite – 167

41- AB Staff Roasts TP
The staff turns on TP on his 50th birthday – 169

42- Carnivals: The Long Love Affair
His heart is with the showmen – 171

43- TP Climbs Onto His Soapbox
He points out more than a few of his pet peeves – 177

44- TP Travels The Fair Circuit
How fair managers love to wine and dine their favorite editor – 181

45- The Las Vegas Gathering
TP visits with the world©ˆs top showmen and fairmen – 187

46- The Travails of Dr. Tom
TP misses his plane and his friends plan a scam – 189

47- Epilogue: The Beat Goes On
Tom & Christine – Happily ever after – 191

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