Casa Flamingo

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Book Cover


When Tim O’Brien came to me with the idea of creating a Believe It or Not! book on amusement parks, rides and attractions, it didn’t take me long to agree.

During 75 years of book publishing, our company has published specialty books on everything from sports to sea life, but never on the industry in which we as a company specialize – visitor attractions! I felt it was time!

With a bit of history, a bit of trivia and a lot of totally unbelievable facts, this is a first of its kind book for our industry. After reading the manuscript, I truly agree that this is definitely a “journey through the weird, wacky and absolutely true world of amusement park oddities and trivia.”

Thinking that a cowboy figure that served as a prop in a dark ride was a wax figure only to find out decades later that it was a real human body – weird!

Finding out that Knute Rockne perfected the forward pass on the beaches of Cedar Point where he was employed as a lifeguard – amazing!

That Elvis Presley’s last public appearance was at an all night coaster-riding outing in Memphis – incredible!

That Cannon Ball the dog lived under a coaster and followed it each time it left the station, running 326,592 laps during his life – wacky.

And that’s just a sampling. There are hundreds more of these great little nuggets. Enjoy!

Bob Masterson – President, Ripley Entertainment

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