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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Book Cover


Robert Ripley coined one of the most familiar American lexicons, “Believe It or Not! nearly 90 years ago as the name for his popular cartoon panel of the odd and unusual. The distinctive style and the bizarre content made the cartoon a huge success. Today, as the world’s oldest daily comic, it is still read in nearly 200 newspapers in 42 different countries!
Through the years, to gather information for his popular cartoon and later for his Believe It or Not! odditoriums, Ripley became an intrepid traveler of the world. He brought back amazing and weird stories, artifacts, and illustrations, most of which we still have in our 30-plus odditoriums throughout the world today.

What I have always appreciated about Ripley’s Believe It or Not! is the fact that everything presented is true and genuine! Ripley took great pride in presenting things so preposterous that their accuracy was immediately questioned. He was proven wrong only a handful of times through the years.

Since Ripley’s death in 1949, the caretakers of his legacy and his archives have followed suit and have presented the best of the weird, strange, uncanny, creepy and bizarre facts and artifacts – all genuine and true – to the worlds curious.

In keeping with the Ripley tradition, the information in this book, the first Ripley’s Believe It or Not! publication dedicated to amusement parks, theme parks, rides and attractions, is true and genuine to the best of our knowledge. Many industry eyes have confirmed and reconfirmed the odd and unusual material presented here.

Within the pages of this little book, you’ll find more than 350 fun, unbelievable, and often odd and bizarre facts and stories and more than 50 amazing, original illustrations by Ripley’s official illustrator, John Graziano. In addition, I’ve worked in a few “Ripley’s Classics” that Robert Ripley himself drew prior to 1949.

From bums eating nickel hot dogs at Coney Island, to the beaches of Cedar Point, to a park within a cave in the Artic Circle in Finland, you’ll not only discover the quirky side of the amusement industry. It will be revealed directly in front of you that truth is definitely more bizarre and stranger than fiction! Enjoy!

Tim O’Brien, author, is VP Publishing & Communications, Ripley Entertainment

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